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One of our experienced Louisville court reporters: Amanda Becerra.
Amanda Becerra
Originally from California, Amanda Becerra has resided in Louisville since 2000. She earned a degree in English from the University of Louisville and has worked as a court reporter and videographer for almost two years. Amanda has been the court reporter of record in many different kinds of cases, including Workers’ Compensation, coal mine litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, business disputes, nursing home negligence and many more. Like all of our court reporters, Amanda takes depositions on a daily basis. Whereas most court reporters may only take two or three depositions per week, our standardized production system allows our court reporters to stay in the field every day. In short, court reporters like Amanda spend almost all of their time working directly with attorneys and experiencing the many unique situations that can arise during litigation. Whatever problem or scenario that may arise at your deposition, you can be confident that Amanda has successfully dealt with a similar situation in the past.
When not working hard on your depositions, Amanda spends her free time practicing yoga, hiking, studying holistic healing methods, writing poetry and Instagramming her two cats.
We call Amanda one of our Louisville court reporters because she works from our Louisville office. However, she regularly covers depositions all across Kentucky. There are not a lot of people who can say that they’ve been to Middlesboro, Kentucky, and Paducah, Kentucky, in the same month but that is par for the course for our court reporters.