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“The days in which you could try a case with a dry erase board, a marker and a booming voice are gone”, according to Judge McKay Chauvin, Jefferson Circuit Court, Division 8.  Stop and think about that for a minute. The fact that talent, a strong case and basic illustrations are no longer enough to… Continue Reading

    As you are probably aware (and/or tired of hearing), we pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of litigation and trial presentation technology. We were the first Louisville court reporting firm to begin using Visionary trial presentation and synchronization software. We have also always carried West Publisher and Trial Director for our… Continue Reading

Chief Jefferson Circuit Judge Audra Eckerle recently announced that the Circuit Court was tendering proposed changes to the Jefferson County Local Rules. One particular rule, LR 1202, is designed to address the filing of deposition transcripts with the Court Clerk. Technically, paper copies are supposed to be filed. However, space limitations have discontinued the practice.… Continue Reading

Kentuckiana Court Reporters is proud to serve all of Kentucky and the surrounding region but this post is going to focus on why we believe that we are the best option for Louisville court reporters. As a consumer, you have a lot of choices and it is sometimes difficult to understand the many distinctions that… Continue Reading

At the end of every deposition our court reporters ask the attorneys whether they want to order a copy of the transcript and, if so, what type of deposition format they want delivered. Many attorneys do not like to be annoyed with these questions because they are focused on the substance of the deposition (we… Continue Reading

Kentucky’s courtrooms have been video-only since 1977. This means that there is no transcript readily available for trials, hearings, grand jury testimony or any other proceeding that takes place in a Kentucky courtroom. While this is not always a problem, the reality is that there are some cases in which it is not practical to… Continue Reading

This blog post is going to break a couple of rules. As court reporters, we are generally taught to never publicly discuss our rates or prices. There seems to be a concern that marketing our rates will start a “race to the bottom” and unleash market forces that court reporters would not enjoy. In our… Continue Reading

Is Your Court Reporter A Rockefeller Or An Edison? If you are reading this article from your computer, smart phone, or tablet, please keep in mind that the technology you hold in your hands was almost branded as “too dangerous” to be used. In the late 1800s, Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie were the pioneers… Continue Reading

Over the past two years I have noticed an increasingly dour and glum tone in many court reporting circles. It seems like there are a few outspoken members of the court reporting community who are solely focused on the perceived problems in the industry instead of what is going well. For example, I have read… Continue Reading

Yesterday, Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine arrived on the Senate floor to deliver a speech about immigration reform. Interestingly, he elected to give the entire speech in Spanish rather than English. Much of the mainstream media has been left guessing as to the content of the speech because no interpreter was available. Many news outlets… Continue Reading