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Document Imaging & Scanning


Kentuckiana Court Reporters‘ scanning processes can turn your paper documents into PDF, JPEG or TIFF format for convenient storage on a CD or DVD. We can enhance the usefulness of your documents by making them searchable using OCR (optical character recognition) technology.

We can scan your paper exhibits and turn them into virtually any digital format, making handling, sharing and storing easier and more efficient.

Back File Conversions

We can image every type of documents you currently have in storage. We can scan, index, and output paper documents as image files which we then store on CDs or DVDs. We assign fields of indexing for easy search and retrieval. You can upload these files onto your server or access them directly on the CD or DVD. We are also able to integrate these images with any existing Document Image Management software you may currently be utilizing.

Day Forward Scanning

From your starting day forward, we can scan all your documents that you generate on a regular basis-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. You don’t have to worry about scanning documents yourself-managing the staff, equipment and software.

Kentuckiana Document Imaging

If your organization…

  • has difficulty locating specific documents stored away in a box or cabinet somewhere
  • needs to securely back up important documents or books in case of disaster
  • needs more office space currently occupied by rows of filing cabinets
  • has books or drawings that you’d like to image
  • has forms, books or important documents to be OCR’d in order to search through effortlessly
  • has special scanning and data capture requirements for processing data and information on images into databases and other applications

…then Kentuckiana Reporters is here to help you and your organization electronically image your paper documents, books or drawings as well as provide you with custom outputs so that you can locate your files and records FAST!

OCR Services


OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is the process of converting imaged characters into ‘readable’ characters that are immediately available to manipulate as text for searching and editing.

Kentuckiana provides 2 types of OCR solutions with scanned images:

  • Conversion to Adobe Acrobat’s PDF files that are OCR’d for searching capabilities. To search these documents, your computer must use Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or greater, accessible for free over the internet at This also keeps your documents secure and unmodifiable.
  • Using our sophisticated OCR conversion software, we are able to convert text on images to ASCII text files which can then be imported easily into other applications such as Word Processing. The algorithms used in this process are state-of-the-art guaranteeing you the highest quality output available in the industry today.

Save Time & Money

  • Access a particular document on CD or on your server in a matter of seconds! Professionals can spend up to 50% of their time looking for information when they spent only 5% to 15% of their time reading it.
  • Save by no longer wasting valuable office space to store years of backfiles. Studies prove that on average it requires 1 employee to manage and maintain every 12 filing cabinets in an organization!
  • Go Green!  Scanning and imaging allows you to maintain a paperless office.

Kentuckiana Reporters is helping businesses operate in the ‘paperless’ environment by

  • Scanning your most recent documents on an ongoing basis
  • Converting boxes and cabinets of back files


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