Kentuckiana Goes Green While Saving You Green!

Save .25 Per Page When You Order the Green Package!


 tree_logo Every day we see more evidence that our planet is in danger. As human beings, we can no longer deplete our precious natural resources. We all need to do our part. When Kentuckiana Reporters, LLC says we’re committed to the environment, we act on what we say. Fortunately, some of our changes offer cost-savings benefits to our clients.

When you order our Green Package you receive the Kentuckiana Reporters’ Multimedia CD with:

  • Digital Exhibits – Fully Searchable Hyperlinked to Transcript
  • ASCII, E-Transcript®, Trial Director, Summation, Sanction file.
  • Digitized Audio and/or Video SYNCHRONIZED Word-by-word, Text-to-Audio and/or Video, allowing searching across all audio, video and text files COMPLIMENTARY, Viewer, clipping and highlighting capability exportable to all litigation software and trial presentation software programs.

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