Synchronized Transcripts

We used to advertise synchronized transcripts but telling people that their days of endless fast-forwarding and rewinding are over! Most video are now taken digitally but searching them for particular testimony is just as time-consuming. Let us synchronize your deposition video to your deposition transcript. It will give you the ability to perform a keyword search in the transcript and view the corresponding video instantly! You can literally save your client thousands of dollars in prep-time fees with the use of synchronized transcripts.

Videotaped depositions can be synchronized with the transcript text enabling you to search the video using keywords. Thus, instead of reading from transcripts to impeach witnesses, you can instantly replay the videotaped testimony. It has tremendous impact because witnesses cannot wiggle out of prior inconsistent statements when the jurors can see and hear the witnesses’ demeanor, inflection, intonation, and body language. Our Louisville court reporters and Kentucky court reporters were the first firm to introduced synchronized transcripts in the region. In other words, we know what we are doing.

Kentuckiana uses transcript-to-video synchronization through Visionary Legal Technologies. We transfer both your video and your timestamped, certified transcript to a CD and synchronize them so they appear together, much like a movie with subtitles. You can view the video and transcript simultaneously.

Transcript-to-Video synchronization benefits:
  • You can cut and paste video clips with testimony on your computer.
  • The CDs use less storage space than videotapes.
  • Each CD holds roughly two hours of video with the certified transcript.
  • Synchronization is inexpensive.
  • Your synchronized transcript can be formatted to the litigation support package of your choice.
  • You can prepare trial presentations by exporting video clips into popular trial presentation programs such as Visonary. Export can also convert the clips to an MPEG file, Windows Media file, or e-mail