Natalia Truman

Natalia truman
Natalia Truman is an Administrative Support Specialist and Legal Videographer who works from our Louisville, KY office. She regularly assists attorneys, secretaries and paralegals with the scheduling of depositions, reserving conference rooms, and setting up video conferences. You can rely on Natalia to assist with scheduling deposition anywhere across the United States.
Natalia was born and raised in the Louisville area where she attended Jeffersonville High School. In addition to working for Kentuckiana, she is continuing her education and seeking a degree in Human Resources. When she isn’t working hard to organize your deposition schedules, Natalia enjoys fishing at Kopps Lake, Hiking at Charleston State Park & The Falls of the Ohio, Camping at Patoka and Nolin Lake, traveling and watching her husband play Semi-Pro Football. Her favorite teams are the Louisville Cardinals and the Tennessee Titans. She is an avid supporter of the Animal Protection Association of Jeffersonville.