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Videoconference Tips

Optimize your videoconferencing experience with these ideas for better meetings as well as improved audio and video quality.


  • Arrive early.
  • Ask about camera presets prior to beginning your call.
    You can set up to 100 near-site presets. Depending on the system you call, you may also be able to use the presets stored on the far-site system.
  • Add peripherals to your system to expand its use.
    For example, you can add a VCR if you want to show a videotape, or a Visual Concert VSX or ImageShare II if you want to share data from a laptop or PC.


  • Speak in your normal voice without shouting.
  • Ask the people at the other site if they can hear you. Have them introduce themselves so you can be sure that you can hear them.
  • Mute the microphone before moving it during a meeting.
  • Since the audio has a very slight delay, you may want to pause briefly for others to answer you or to make comments.
  • As with any meeting, try to limit side conversations.


  • Avoid wearing bright colors, all-light or all-dark clothing, or very “busy” patterns (such as small checks or narrow stripes). Light pastels and muted colors look best on the screen.
  • If there are windows in the room, close any drapes or blinds. Daylight is a variable light source and can conflict with interior room lighting.
  • Use natural gestures when you speak.
  • When adjusting your camera, try to fill the screen as much as possible with people rather than with the table, chairs, walls, lights, or the floor.

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