Day in the life

The goal of a day-in-the-life video is to provide the jury with a window through which they can view your client’s day-to-day life. Private investigators will charge thousands of dollars in fees trying to show the jury what your client can do on a good day. Use a day-in-the-life video to provide an unedited version of your client’s life. It is critical that your fact-finder be able to see the challenges your client faces while doing the daily activities that we all take for granted.

Our Louisville court reporters and videographers have worked with attorneys to create effective day-in-the-life videos and statements. We can help you create an effective record of an injury’s impact on the life of a litigant.

Our videographers are comfortable in the many difficult situations that can arise during the creation of a day in the life video. It is important for the videographer to capture the many difficulties faced by your client rather than to shy away from them.

For an excellent analysis of the strength of day-in-the-life videos, and their admissibility, review this academic article. Please note that our day-in-the-life videographers do not participate in videography for any other part of a case in order to maintain the impartiality of the record keeper.