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About Our Court Reporters’ Affiliations

The purpose of this post is to clarify the organizations with which Kentuckiana Reporters and our employees are affiliated. Kentuckiana Reporters employs a diverse group of court reporters and videographers. They all have different backgrounds, different levels of experience, live in different areas and even employ different methods of court reporting. Accordingly, our website lists numerous groups with which we are affiliated. As you can see, we list the following organizations:

Not all of our court reporters are members of every group listed above. Likewise, the company itself is not a member of every group listed above. However, either the company or one of our court reporters (or videographers) is a member of each group listed above. Frankly, our court reporters and videographers are also members of additional groups that we have not listed.

The purpose of listing our affiliations is to convey that we are involved in a DIVERSE group of organizations that are focused on court reporting. Some of these groups have different philosophies about court reporting. Some endorse different methods of court reporting. For example, the National Court Reporters Association is an advocate for stenography and the American Association of Electronic Reporters & Transcribers is an advocate for digital court reporters. We employ both types of reporters (and they even like one another). Our goal is to listen to all of these organizations and shape our practice to deliver the best product possible. Consider us the melting pot of court reporting. That said, we have not been endorsed by any of these organizations and we have not endorsed any of these organizations.

Again, no one should read our affiliation list in such a way as to assume that every one of our court reporters are affiliated with everyone of these organizations. Nor should it be read in such a way as to assume that the company, as a corporate entity, is formally affiliated with each organization. We are the sum of our employees and they are individually proud of their affiliations. We hope that our website accurately conveys that pride and our commitment to considering every view point in the court reporting industry as we strive to deliver the best services possible.

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