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Kentuckiana Saves The Day At An Important Hearing:

We like to think that we always provide exceptional court reporting services. It’s nice when our clients agree. Here is a note we received a few days ago when we assisted a client with a last minute scheduling problem (names redacted to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent):

Yesterday, I had a very important evidentiary hearing in an important case. Prior to the hearing, the presiding judge, made it crystal clear to the opposing parties that they were to make the arrangements and pay the costs of court reporting at the hearing since it was being held under circumstances that they requested.

Opposing counsel completely dropped the ball. The judge, his staff and I arrived yesterday morning to learn that opposing counsel had done absolutely nothing to arrange for court reporting or even a video of the hearing. Opposing counsel was completely cavalier about his error, didn’t acknowledge it, didn’t apologize to the court and did not offer a solution. Knowing I could count on Kentuckiana Reporters, I suggested to the court that I call and see what you could do. He greatly appreciated the offer, I called you, and you know the rest. Amanda Becerra was at the hearing and set up within 45 minutes of my call. (In fact, Amanda was there and set up before opposing counsel could even gather up the video equipment it already had on site!)

Amanda did a great job. It was a long and tedious hearing in a difficult environment (we didn’t adjourn until I think well after 6 pm — I had to leave early this morning for Richmond and just got back, or would have sent you this email earlier) . The court was very impressed by and greatly appreciated Kentuckiana Reporters’ quick response and Amanda’s professionalism, and you’ve made a real friend with the judge. In addition, you made me look really good in the Court’s eyes. I was able to volunteer to help solve a problem I hadn’t caused, and with your help, did the Court a big favor. With your help, I was able to start the day with one up on the other side and with momentum that we carried throughout the rest of the day.

The Judge made absolutely clear at the conclusion of the hearing that he wanted the opposing parties to pay your bill. I will insist they do so promptly and let me know immediately if there is any delay in payment. I will inform the Judge and he won’t be happy.


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