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Kentuckiana Reporters has provided court reporting and legal video deposition services to Paducah, Kentucky for over 30 years. Our Paducah KY court reporters and videographers are local Kentuckians who are from Paducah or the surrounding region.  We provide real-time court reporting, daily transcripts, secure electronic delivery and storage, videography and trial presentation services. Conference rooms are available upon request. Contact Kentuckiana Reporters to schedule your next court reporter or videographer in Paducah, Kentucky.

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With a thriving arts district, a wide variety of cultural pursuits, rich history, urban cuisine and eclectic accommodations, Paducah offers an incredible array of experiences.  Ask our friendly office staff to help plan your time in Paducah when your deposition is complete.  Otherwise, check out the many places to visit at

Paducah: An artistic city with an industrial heart.
Paducah: An artistic city with an industrial heart.

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Production and Distribution

Our Paducah court reporters set the standard for court reporting services around Kentucky. All of our transcripts will be delivered within seven business days at no extra cost to you or your clients. All of our depositions can be delivered in any format you request at no extra charge (paper, PDF, ASCII, eTran, etc). You can reach our Scheduling Manager 24 hours a day to handle all of your Paducah court reporting needs. Here is more information about our court reporting products which set us apart from our competitors:

  • Centralized production and distribution. Your transcript is centrally produced and archived in our secure repository by our offices so that you always get the same assurance of quality, familiar format and guaranteed 7-day turnaround.
  • All document production is done “in-house.” We do not rely on any other company to produce our documents.
  • Maintaining control of the documents allows us to ensure that the final product is in keeping with our high standards.
  • Convenient access to repository. ALL transcripts are formatted and produced in our offices and stored in our secure repository permanently and indefinitely. No need to search for the delivery or location of transcripts. Legal staff has access to our secure repository 24 hours a day.

Customized Billing

  • Fair and familiar invoicing: we generate all invoices, extend reduced rates when available and stand behind you as a client wherever your discovery needs take you.
  • To complement our approach to cost savings, Kentuckiana Reporters has formed strategic alliances with other reputable legal service providers. Kentuckiana can procure these services at a fraction of the cost you would if you were to contact them directly.
  • We also know that your Accounts Payable department can get inundated with invoices from multiple vendors. In addition to the “hard cost” savings, you will also save additional “soft costs” by reducing the number of invoices to process. It is estimated that an additional 10%-20% savings can be realized by streamlining the accounts payable function.
A beautiful Paducah sunset after a long day of depositions.
A beautiful Paducah sunset after a long day of depositions.


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